The Solar Awning System

The Solar Awning System now being introduced by SunModo, a company that makes durable, easy-to-install professional racking systems.

The Solar Awning System features a durable triangular aluminum frame and expands to a 35-degree tilt angle after installation. This compact triangle frame design easily handles both 60- and 72-cell solar panels. The awnings that shield building entries and windows are about to tap into the $2.5 billion awning industry.

Awning Systems will be the next big frontier in solar technology as it taps into the awning market revenue. Sun shields from windows and doors where canvas and other materials were used will now be replaced by solar panels. This would save some companies and business on their energy cost yet still providing that shade/shield from the direct sunlight.

U.S. awnings market revenue, by product, 2013 – 2024 (USD Million)

The solar electric awning has been designed to help reduce costly summer heat gains and provide a comfortable outdoor solar living space powerful enough to supply 100% or more of your electrical needs

The benefits of a solar awning

Solar Awnings Reduce Energy Use. Mounted to the South and West, the shade from the awning keeps the building cooler, successfully reducing air conditioning loads during long hot summer days. A solar awning both reduces energy use and generates energy.

Solar Awnings Provide Additional SpaceNot all roof space is contusive to solar. Roof shading and fire codes may affect a number of panels that can be placed on a roof. A solar awning provides additional space for solar panels when a larger solar system is desired.

Solar Awnings Provide Shelter. Solar Awnings can provide shelter from sun, snow, and rain. Solar Awnings Generate More Energy Than Flush Mounted Systems. Awnings provide cooler cell temperatures due to ample air flow beneath the modules.

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